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2016-17 AKA Membership Card Benefits

H-Club members received an iDcard voucher in their membership packets redeemable for a virtual or physical card. Please contact 808.956.6500 with any queries.

Booster club members received/will receive a Hawaii Perks card.

Visit the Hawaii Perks* website to learn about the benefits associated with your Booster Club membership card powered by Hawaii Perks.

*Hawaii Perks is a benefits card program offering great deals at many local merchants. If you need assistance registering your card or have any questions, feel free to contact them directly at info@hawaiiperks.com or call 808.233.9630.

Special Notes: (1) How to use the card. When reviewing the list of merchants providing an offer to our AKA Hawaii Perks cardholders, you'll notice great names such as California Pizza Kitchen, Roy's Restaurant and many more.  To make sure that you have a positive experience with the AKA Hawaii Perks card, please take the time to first review the guidelines for each offer. As with any retailer, there is change in staffing and communication regarding the AKA Hawaii Perks offer might not have reached their entire staff.  If there are any issues with getting your offer, just show the deal listed on their website at www.hawaiiperks.com.  (2) One-time use coupons on the card. Additional value to the AKA Hawaii Perks card include six one-time use coupons on the postcard which came with your membership card. To use these one-time coupons, please present the postcard to the participating merchant. (3) HZone and Sodexo discounts. Present your card at HZone (Ward Center or Stan Sheriff Center) and get 15% discount off regular priced Under Armour apparel. Use promo code AKA2016-17 for online purchases. Present card at a Sodexo concession at the Stan Sheriff Center during a UH volleyball or basketball game or Les Murakami Stadium during a UH baseball game and receive a free soda upgrade.

For more information on Hawaii Perks and other benefits offered with your booster club membership card, call us at 808.956.4513.