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AKA Introduces Innovative Online Donations Program to Benefit UH Coaches

‘Ahahui Koa Ānuenue (AKA), the non-profit fundraising arm of University of University of Hawai’i Athletics, recently launched Coaches Choice, an online giving program to benefit the individual sports programs at UH.  The way it works is simple.  Each of the 21 Coaches within the UH Athletic program, plus three other support programs,  has been given the opportunity to select the item(s) their programs need the most valued at between $2,500 and $25,000.  Prospective donors can go to and from there, they can choose the item(s) that they would like to help purchase. Once an item has been purchased, the coach will be given the opportunity to list another one. 

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Card Games Taught Wahine Track and Field Coach to Analyze Her Craft

In her 14 years as Head of the UH Woman’s Track and Field Program, Carmyn James has gotten used to wearing a t-shirt and shorts as her daily work attire. However, this British Colombia native vividly remembers the chilly weather and many layers of clothes she used to wear during her days coaching in her hometown.

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Laura Beeman On Coaching Hawaiian Style

Growing up in San Bernardino, California, Laura Beeman was never caught inside when the sun was up. Her tireless love for sports was matched only by her desire to compete with her older brother. Even today, Laura thinks about the one sport she was not allowed to play.  As she tells it, “I used to play baseball, softball, volleyball, and basketball. I really wanted to play football, but my parents wouldn’t let me!”

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