Jarrod Lofy, Men’s Volleyball Video Coordinator Brings Strong Work Ethic And Numbers-Driven Results

As the first University of Hawaii Men’s Volleyball player to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Jarrod Lofy understands the numbers behind what drives results.

Jarrod is now the Video Coordinator for the Men’s Volleyball program. He describes his position by saying, “What I do is look at the statistics, find out ways to improve our game, and discover weak spots in the competition.”

Combining his background as a standout scholarship athlete for UH Men’s Volleyball program with his skills in statistics and strategy, Jarrod has a unique perspective of the sport. He explained that his responsibilities as an athlete were different than his current responsibilities.

When he was a player, assuming a leadership role meant that Jarrod had to have a much broader understanding of the game. While his primarily responsibility as a Middle Blocker was to prevent the advances from the opposing team, he now must understand how all the pieces of a successful team fit together.

He attributes his strong work ethic and time management skills to what he learned participating as a student-athlete. His studies at the UH Engineering Department were very challenging and forced Lofy to allocate his time between team training and schoolwork.

He recalled, “I wouldn’t change even my most difficult of days as a student-athlete. When I look back, the result was not as important to me. It was the training at practice and the everyday grind. Seeing myself improve every day was most rewarding, whether it was on the court or in the classroom.”

Jarrod said his Ahahui Koa Anuenue (AKA) scholarship helped him afford his tuition and expensive engineering textbooks. As of now, there are three engineering students in the Men’s Volleyball program, and Lofy does what he can to help them out too.

He said, “I saved all of my large, expensive engineering text books so that the current players can use them. Right now they are in rough shape from being used over the years, but it still saves them money.”

Whether it’s on or off the court, Jarrod recognizes that results come from proper preparation, teamwork and understanding of how all of the pieces fit together. In Jarrod’s case, he hopes that his work for the Men’s Volleyball Department will prepare him to secure a position at Google. Like many AKA scholarship recipients, Jarrod now has what it takes to bring his skills to the business world.