License Plate Decal Program

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Help drive UH success!

Outfit your ride with UH pride and help raise money for the University of Hawai‘i! Sporting an “H” logo on your license plate is easy, inexpensive and fun.


  1. Visit the Organization License Plate/Decal Program page on the Honolulu City & County website:
  2. Click on the Application/Replacement Form link in the center of the page to download the PDF form with details.
  3. Print and fill out the simple, one-page form and take it, along with your old plates, to any Satellite City Hall location. Pay $30.50 for the first year, and your new plates will be on the way! Subsequent annual renewals are just $25. It’s that easy.

Each year, $20 of fee will return to the UH Athletics to support our student athletes. 

Join Hawai‘i’s team and be part of our rich legacy of success and accomplishment both on and off the field. 


If you would like to learn more, please contact:

David Estermann
Director, Premium Seating & Parking

Phone: (808) 956-6500