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Supporting Hawaii Athletics has never been easier and for as little as $50, you can join H-Club.  The way the program is structured, the more you give the more you get.  For the UH Sports fan at heart, this means way more than just tickets.  For example, depending on your level of participation, you can attend a special hospitality lounge before or even during Wahine Volleyball and Men’s Basketball games, enjoy pupus, drinks and the camaraderie of other UH fans.  Additional benefits include invitations to special events, valet parking and more!  Check out the chart below to see the full range of benefits and value that you can enjoy by participating at a level that’s right for you!


Join or Upgrade


In compliance with NCAA regulations regarding benefits to Prospective Student Athletes, please advise the Koa Anuenue office of guests in the 7th to 12th grades as some restrictions may apply.  Please contact us at (808) 956-6500 or