H-Club FAQs

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Funds raised through premium seating and membership payments support the University of Hawaii Athletics Department and nearly 500 student-athletes.

Previous IRS policy allowed for donations related to collegiate athletic event tickets, such as premium seat or H-Club contributions, to be tax-deductible at 80% of the gift amount.  New tax legislation has eliminated this provision.  Beginning January 1, 2018, donations related to ticket purchases are no longer tax-deductible. However, donors may make a 100% tax deductible contribution to H-Club by declining to earn member benefits associated with your gift. 

No.  Only seat premiums and H-Club membership payments are counted towards membership.

Fans that maintain season tickets for more than one sport pay seat premiums at multiple times during a calendar year.  Totaling seat premiums from the previous year allows these donors to receive full credit for their annual contributions and enjoy corresponding benefits all year long.

Yes.  Non-season ticket holders may become H-Club members by making a membership payment of $50 or more.

No.  Any changes to your total seat premiums as a result of relocating or adding tickets will not impact your H-Club membership until the following calendar year. 

New season ticket holders may become H-Club members immediately by making a membership payment of $50 or more.  Seat premiums attached to your new season tickets will count toward H-Club membership next year.

No.  H-Club membership earned through seat premiums and/or membership payments may not be transferred or credited to other accounts.  Exceptions to this policy are granted for multiple accounts under the same name or account combinations between spouses.

There is no specific deadline for joining H-Club or upgrading your membership level.  However, member benefits are distributed throughout the year and may not be available after seasons begin or after all items have been allotted.