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Please consult your tax advisor regarding deductibility of H-Club contributions.  For reference, membership payments earn benefits, including the opportunity to purchase football season tickets in select sections.  Outright gifts earn no benefits. 

Yes, H-Club gifts and membership payments may now be directed towards the sports program of your choice.  Simply select your favorite team at the time of payment.

Earmarked funds support the operating budget of the specific program, including critical needs such as scholarships, meals, team travel, and more. Please note these funds are not considered booster club membership dues.

Booster clubs support specific sports, while H-Club supports all Hawaii Athletics sports programs.

Starting with 2024-2025 seasons, booster club membership programs will be consolidated into H-Club.  Booster clubs will continue to provide valuable support to teams and coaches through fundraising events, but will no longer feature paid membership programs. 

Further details regarding booster club activities will be provided in Summer 2024.

H-Club encompasses five ticketed sports with seat premiums collected at various times throughout the year.  Referencing seat premiums from the previous year allows H-Club to recognize the full scope of a member’s annual support.

No, H-Club membership is earned strictly through the combination of seat premiums and membership payments.

Yes, non-season ticket holders may become H-Club members by making a membership payment of $50 or more. 

No, seat premiums paid this year do not count towards your current H-Club status.  These seat premiums will work towards your membership status next year.  

New season ticket holders may become H-Club members immediately by making a membership payment of $50 or more.  Seat premiums attached to your new season tickets will count toward H-Club membership next year.

No, H-Club membership earned through seat premiums and/or membership contributions may not be transferred or credited to other accounts.  Exceptions to this policy are granted for multiple accounts under the same name or account combinations between spouses.

There is no specific deadline for joining H-Club or upgrading your membership level.  However, member benefits are distributed throughout the year and may not be available after seasons begin or after all items have been allotted.