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Donations will go directly into an account to be used exclusively to fund the Athletic Department’s Supplemental Meal Program. This program provides one full meal per day (breakfast, lunch or dinner) to every UH Student Athlete while in season. A recent change in NCAA rules now allow schools to feed not only scholarship athletes but non-scholarship athletes. UH is not required to feed it student athletes this way, but has taken a leadership position on this and adopted the program two seasons ago.



Nourishment/health of the student athlete. For some, the supplemental meal will be best if not only full meal of the day.

Helps recruiting. A real and meaningful benefit extended to scholarship and non-scholarship student athletes alike that not all schools are offering.

Team building. Allows student athletes the opportunity to regularly spend time with one another, deepening friendships and bonds within the team.


The Supplemental Meal Plan has been an extremely valuable addition to our Track & Field Program. In addition to ensuring that each athlete on our team receives at least one full daily meal, the Supplemental Meal Plan has had a positive impact on our recruiting. Thanks AKA for your greatly appreciated support!

Carmyn James, Head Coach Track & Field and Cross Country

The supplemental meal program has helped our team tremendously in regards to proper nutrition, team bonding, and time management.  Our team practices are long and condensed to 3-4 days a week due to class schedules (labs on Tuesday and Thursday).  Team dinners after long practices guarantees our student-athletes get a good meal and then go on to evening study hours.  The team bonding has been the best in years!  "Breaking bread" with your team (family) keeps everyone together.

— Lori Castillo, Head Coach Wahine Golf

The Softball Program here at the University of Hawaii appreciates the opportunity to afford a supplemental meal for our student-athletes since it affords them with a balanced meal immediately following a rigorous workout and especially for those student-athletes that live off-campus with the time it takes after practice to shower and receive treatment the possibility to cook their own meals at a reasonable hour is diminished. We sell this aspect to our recruits as well that they will be fed after our organized practices and they and their parents appreciate this effort on the part of our Athletic Department.

— Bob Coolen, Head Coach Softball


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